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The 2010 Winter Olympics have a sasquatch mascot check it out

I first found it on this site of top 10 bigfoot news in 2007 and Quatchi made it in at number 10

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how do you make your favorite drink?

with lightening speed

Babies... not storks

so... Angela and i are expecting a little one on March 31st. We are Excited! and sort of scared.

Life has been pretty good lately, a little more stressful than it used to be, but now i feel more focused than i have in a long time. I'm working at MPS printing as my day job, and still trying to do the freelance thing and paint on the side. Also I've been playing music (infrequently) with a new friend "Ro" who is living here in madison, moved from Paris where he used to be in a band. Angela and I have had the pleasure of experiencing some french culture when Ro's parents and friends visited this summer. His wife Susan is really nice and great singer too.

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where do you see yourself in 5 years?

ninja training, (to fight the insurgent robots that will rise up very soon... i saw some at the regatta fireworks)

on a scale of 1 to 10

sunshine is wonderful, i hope we get some today

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if zombies took over your town, what'd your survival plan be?

pretend to be a zombie. human flesh isn't that bad... i mean that's what i hear

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Easter is for candy...Pray for CANDY!

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